Before it is too late

Here amidst the wreckage of broken pieces

And burnt shards

Human kind is weeping

As the awful reality of natural devestation

Is seeping deeper and deeper into the heart

Torn apart as so many are

By the sheer destruction

And loss of life

Animals who once found sanctuary

In Mother Nature

Now lie dead or wounded

And there is no single poetry line

That can tell the full breath and depth

Of the horror of the disaster

That befell Australia

Lessons live amongst the ashes

As illusions are swept away

While some continue with lies

The truth to deny

Of the impact we have made

Surely we must awaken from this

Our severance from the source and rhythm

That nurtures life

Surely we must

Through tears shed

Learn the painful lessons

As mankind’s hubris

Is torn away

Before it really is

Too late

39 thoughts on “Before it is too late

      1. It is beyond awful Deborah. I don’t know how you recover from something so terrible. No words can express it all. Have the fires died down at all? I must go to the News to see as have not seen it in the News for a couple of days. Hugs Deborah

      2. I am not sure how today panned out Lorraine. They were expecting southerly wind of high intensity to flare things up after 4 pm. the smoke has died down here. Like you I will watch the news. I just noticed that rain is due all next week from Wed onwards so keep your fingers crossed.

      3. I will keep my fingers crossed. Couldn’t find any new News, only older stuff. I do know thiugh, that Australia is not forgotten here as prayers are always offered at Masses and Services, and therebis much caring for the situation and genuine concern and compassion. Let’s hope things completely die down soon. Lots of love to you Deborah.

      4. Honestly Lorraine the outpouring of support on the empath page has been amazing and so many are praying. Despite this tragedy there is love and care on this planet. Its the strongest force, love and we are feeling it here.

      5. Yes I thiught so. But I think with every disaster, it is in the News for a whike, but tgen soon dusappears. That has happened just with stuff in our own country, like the Grenfell Tower fire. In actual fact people were wandering the streets homeless no one reported in it much. That is just small scale, but things like earthquajes and such are soon out of the News after the initial reporting.

      6. So true Lorraine and the problems left are only explored in rhe margins. So many have lost not only homes but incomes and livelihoods too. Theres a lot of reporting still going on but Im sure it diesnt reach international news. Our ABC has News24 and there is still.lots of repoting going on there….as well as massive appeals.

      7. You are welcome Deborah. It’s strange, but since knowing you even only via the internet Ivfeel much closer to Aystealia. ❤️

      8. Awww sorry I missed this before Lorraine. You are very special to me too, and I love that we are connected. I dream of one day visiting you in the UK. Love you a lot… thanks again for the precious gift of your friendship. ❤ ❤ ❤

  1. Always my pleasure Deb… I give you Koala stamp reward, here’s a song Hanne Kah played last night, and this is exactly how they sounded, they were excellent…

      1. I will I promise :). Yes I was thinking about the wildlife, and how much of a shame it is especially given its uniqueness. I’ve always been fascinated with Australia for that. Good luck and take care. You’ve done well to keep writing throughout everything 💙

  2. Very soulful poem Deborah, all is precious and it is horrific what is happening to the protected wild life/faun and flora. Writing helps to raise your vibrations away from the negativity of this. Prayers to you all. May Australia be blessed with rains to soothe the internal pain.

    1. I am really praying Nanette, its been far cooler today and they say rain is on the way. I just listed to an interesting programme on aboriginal fire tactics for land maintenance and care and thought of you the whole way through. I am going to share it when I can find the link….

      We have lessons to learn from this and with the Saturn Pluto influence all this is asking us end our severance from nature and natural methods as well as our mis attunement from the sacred feminine and Mother Earth. I pray we learn those lessons in time.

    1. Yes, I just listened to a programme on how the aboriginal people as the original custodians of the land have watched how we have treated ‘country’ and seen the potential for damage while they had ways of working with fire in a more positive way. There are huge lessons here. I believe this happened for a reason so we can wake up and start looking to those who know how to live with respect for nature.

  3. The nonredeemable loaded consequences those fire bugs did are unspeakable acts of pure evil.

    Karma never lets others that have disrupted her balance she is always comes to collect in full and plus interest.

    How do these cockroaches even still breathe they should be made to suffer and endured as they have laid claimed and scorched the land with their wicked transgressions.

    There is glimmer of hope because just as the Pele lays claimed to scorching the Earth she reigns her wrath down on without mercy she also brings new life and fertiles the mother land.


    1. With all due respect Alex this is also down to the fact we in Australia have not asked the custodians of the land to help us maintain our country with back burning.

      I don’t believe in fire and brimstone, how will seeking retribution help anyone…. its all a diversion from the agony and pain that some people due unspeakable things.

      But there are other issues here with how we are not treating the land and its indigenous people with respect. They could have helped us maintain country in a better state that minimised some of this damage.

      And a lot that information about fire bugs is also a concerted media attempt to throw us off the scent of global warming and how far we have falled away from the sacred feminine.

      With love and respect

      1. Indigenous have done back burning for generations

        Its natural process of allowing the earth to have new life.

        Gobal warming and Climate change is also very much a political agenda.

        Stay safe Deborah


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