Forgiveness and anger

I just read this brilliant post on working through our anger over hurt and injustice to move towards forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean we accept what was done to us was okay, indeed some of us experience such intense and painful hurts or injuries they can leave extremely deep wounds and yet, we also have a choice in how we relate to the wound. This post by Dominick D. Hankle, PhD is a wonderful take on exploring just how we deal with our anger over past hurts which, if left to fester, only ends up making us ill

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness and anger

  1. It is import to forgive even if it is only ourself in the part of the issue. Forgiving other parties is important this releases you from the issue although the memory will be remembered somethings cannot be forgotten lessons to be learned learned. I like to work through these with my soul as pain, trauma and abuse are hard to handle. The soul will choose parts of which you can review. Complete removal may not be adviseable due to the pain endured. Step by step with Divine Guidance and soul.

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