not letting go

The river ran

With such a flow

All that was not love

Passed on through

As we fell to our knees


These tears are to my soul

What make of it

Something understandable and fully known

And so when you

Look at me that way

The world splits entirely in two

There was a cleaving

With our leaving

And it had to be

For my soul to go free

I see it all now

What I could not before

When, instead

I held on so desperately

To what made no sense

And that is why now

Truly I understand

It is not letting go

That stops the river’s flow

And leads on to the death

Of healing and tenderness

6 thoughts on “not letting go

      1. Yes thank Deb, I’m inside with my air-con going, It was 45’C just before…. wow, yes It’s darn hot outside……. and I did a bit of blogging today, but only for a short time…… ((hugs))

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