Slowly Cracking

A beautiful poem that speaks of a time of deep trauma. Just had to share.

Rum and Robots - Never Lose Sight of Hope, Faith and Perseverance

Oh unholy time, save me from that which creepeth all too near,
Enclose me not into a world, to wait in turn decay.
For it is the sticky spiders’ web, my untimely senses do fear.
Upon a Lilly pad afloat I wish to lie, until another day.
From all, and all from me, sharing only nature’s sweetish kiss.
Adorned butterflies will be the godly rulers of the Kingdom’s sky.
Yes, in my mind created I, this Fairy’s Land of bliss.
For sleepless nights on salty pillows are for fools who cry.
Yet I whose framed puzzle hangs so sweetly pieced together,
Have I yet once faced the world of truth without my coated shell?
Dare I float about freely as does the graceful weightless feather?
To face, I must what only time with a whispering voice will tell.
So until the answers come, in the spiders’ woven web I await,

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