the growing inner light

Love was always there

Hiding inside my heart

I waited for you in a world

That so often became cold and empty

Because I never felt

Truly seen or heard

Life revolved around your own demands

And sometimes there was no way

To make my presence known

So I grew quiet

And learned to internalise

While the hunger for love grew

But not in a way I could

Express or recognise

So much deep distress


That it has taken years

To acknowledge it

And so now I stop looking for

The faces that don’t see me

Instead I turn to face myself

And seek comfort from those things

That bring me gladness

And so often lately

I am surprised by the joy that just arises

After a wind swept walk

As I feel the dancing flame

Inside my heart


As the fire of my spirit

Shines its light

Keeping my soul warm

12 thoughts on “the growing inner light

    1. That’s so good to hear from an outer perspective Astrid. I wish our family was closer but then I see at times I turned away too, I am slowly coming to terms with it all. I am so glad now life is just not sadness and joy is finally closer. Love to you and thanks again. ❤

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