Walking through fear

Sometimes you think you need a miracle,

when all you need is to walk through your fear.

Paul Ferrini

I thought after reading this of how vocalising my fears often ends in tears.. for someone and yes it could make the opening lines of a poem. Sayings resonate through my head as I type this. “Perfect love casts out fear,” and “who amongst us is perfect?” MOST CERTAINLY NOT ME. 🙂

Maybe we all secretly hope for love while holding onto fears, fear comes when we are threatened there is something we want that we may not be able to have or find difficult to attain and yet if we try and then fail, can’t we just move on? Do we really have to hold out the big stick over our own or someone else’s head when things don’t manifest as we wish or when our own fears are triggered.

I making my way through a book written by Paul Ferrini I read many times called Miracle of Love : Reflections of the Christ Mind Volume III. In it he addresses the issue of abusive love and victimisation which we often open ourselves up for when we do not fully love ourselves yet. The truth is if we love ourselves enough we walk away from constant shaming, criticism, abuse or ill treatment. We recognise when a fearful person is shifting the blame or projecting that fear, we drop the need to ‘attack’ and give love to them and ourselves, which does not mean staying around to cop dysfunctional treatment.

We also learn what it is to be loving when we seek for love outside of ourselves and fail. This throws us back upon the wounds or emptiness within our own hearts that we need to address so we can find the way to the true Self in us which thrives upon an inner foundation of love. We learn to drop the roles we had to take on to seek or win love and we learn what brings us pain and what brings us joy. We no longer betray ourselves for empty outer values when we find the way home to the Self and drop all the wrong ideas we acquired that led to the development of the false persona.

Here are some paragraphs from the chapter titled Staying Connnected to Love in Paul Ferrini’s book.

The true Self knows that you are inherently good, acceptable, capable of giving and receiving love. It knows that anything is possible if you believe deeply enough in yourself… it is not bound by limitations, judgements and the interpretations that the persona lives with. The world of the Self is bright and self fulfilling. The world of the persona is dark and light is sought from others.

Self lives and loves unconditionally. Persona lives and expresses conditionally. Self is motivated by love and says “I can.” Persona lives in fear and says “I can’t.” Persona complains, apologises and makes excuses, Self accepts, integrates and gives its gift.

You are a Self, but believe yourself to be a persona. As long as you operate in the persona you will have experiences that confirm your beliefs about yourself and others. When you realise that all personae are just masks you and others have agreed to wear you will learn to see behind the masks. When that happens you will glimpse the radiance of the Self within and without. You will see a bright being, eminently worthy and capable of love, dynamically creative, generous and self fulfilling. That is your inmost nature. When you accept who you really are, your arguments with others cease. For you no longer do battle with their personae. You see the light behind the mask. Your light and their light are all that matter.

When you contact the truth about you, you recognise that a great deal you have come to accept about yourself is false. You are not better or worse than others. You are not stupid, or brilliant, or handsome, or ugly. Those are just judgements someone made that you accepted. None of them is true.

The purpose of your journey here is to know the Self and leave the persona behind. You are here to learn that the source of love lies within your own consciousness. You do not have to seek for love outside yourself. Indeed, the very act of seeking it in the world will stop you from recognising it within yourself. And if you cannot find it within, you will never find it in others.

You cannot see the light in others until you see it in yourself, Once you see it in yourself, there is no one in whom you do not see the light. It does not matter if they see it or not. You know it’s there. And it is the light you address when you speak to them.

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