The wild river

A wild river flows here

Underneath my skin

At times it is so close to the surface

The pain of everything

I feel the noise resounding in my ears

As the force of love draws near

With the sense of you

Awakening my heart

To desire, longing, hope and fear

And then the raging of it all

Becomes so much

And I am left coughing up blood

Chocking on my life

Drowning in the dust

Of broken dreams

As the river of our love disappears

Tell me my love

You are stronger than this

For now just draw as close as you can

To the wild ocean

That is the river’s source

For as I return to the state of fear

I know it makes you heart ache

But if you can just wait

In time the river will die down

As a frown or tear stained face

Becomes a smile again

If you will just hold on

And with your faith

Help me ride the tide

Of the wild river

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