Alex’s Story

Surviving horrific abuse and struggling to find validation and support can be an ongoing stress for those who suffer, powerful imprints of traumatic experiences remain and often bleed back into life or may completely overtake our conscious personality. Some of us are lucky to find therapists who are able to contain the intensity of the feelings that remain, but in my experience such therapists are rare.

I was moved and overpowered my Alex’s story when I came across his blog, Evolution of Self earlier in the year. Alex has asked me to share his story here, so if it resonates with you please follow the links and show him some support. We need each other on this healing pathway when professional support is so hard to find.

5 thoughts on “Alex’s Story

  1. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the ongoing support

    And you Deborah for having me as guest to share my story and my will to live and breathe free air without binding chains that (it) tried to snuffed out with sadistic, twisted fucking games I would be baptized and thrashed into.

    I am here because of ME – I Matter and I have value!

    No matter what storms come and try ripped me to shreds into nothing, I will never stop from helping others wager through theirs.

    luas dia I do thuras

      1. Thank You Deborah I am thrilled to know there are individuals that can correlate with me and knowing I am not alone.

        They tried to silence me and despite everything I am here today because of ME.

        The damaged ( it ) afflicted on me trying to snuffed me out and make me just no more then wicked deeds of I’ll will.

        I wear the constant reminder of those scars and the salt that soaks deeper into my open wounds.

        “I will never let the Raw Me be extinguish ever”


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