The soul’s silent benediction

Here within the embrace of light

I will surrender myself

To my soul’s silent benediction

As morning sun gently kisses leaves of green

I will know the love I missed

For so many years

And I will remember with gratitude

All the tears that fell

Bringing life to what was dead

Understanding to what lay covered in judgement

Healing to what was hurting so deep

That my whole body ached with a knowing

My mind was never quite prepared to admit

And with the coming of wisdom

I will finally understand

That what lay in darkness was my soul

A soul now

Irradiated completely

With the healing power

Of the light

6 thoughts on “The soul’s silent benediction

  1. Audibly sighed while reading this. It’s beautiful. That title is amazing. I couldn’t help but be drawn in.

    Deb…don’t forget to read The Secret. You will see why when you begin to read xx

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