The moody teen.

I loved this post. So beautifully written with great warmth and humour, covering the thorny issue of how we relate to and can find wisdom from the inner Self. Just had to share.

A Bear called Disorder

The last few days have been awful. Period. It feels like I’ve fallen into a black hole of negativity and everything around me seems content to reciprocate the nastiness inside.

Bank cards getting declined, forgetting my lunch, strains in my relationship, waiting in line only for the cashier to tell me that they’re closed once they get to me. I mean, what the fuck man.

I made a couple of moderate mistakes at work too, and leaving my shift today with a rotten egg in my stomach I had the thought of “How can we reframe this? What’s the learning to be found in this experience?”

All I could think back was “Can you seriously fuck off right now? Do I have to be effective every single time I’m struggling? Can’t I just have a bad day?”

And the short answer is yes. Yes I can. Amazingly, making that clear…

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