Chemicals behind my eyes

Make me cry

There is no getting by without you

Alone with myself

I listen to the wind

Hoping for answers

From my soul

There are some paths we take

When lost in the wilderness

That lead us closer and closer

To doubt and heartbreak

But there as we stand in the ashes

There is really something coming

From this

Though at the time

All we feel is wreckage

This is when to listen to you soul

Now is the time to know

What deeply hurt

And what you can make of it

My advice

Use it for awakening

And don’t think twice

About the tears you cry

For how can you just stand by

And watch your whole world crumble

As some dreams are entirely reduced

To rubble

With out entirely caving in?

There amongst the broken pieces

Lies your soul

And heaven knows

That often hell

Is only a place we visit

On our way to salvation

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