You are the final lesson

Along a winding pathway

That got me tangled up in knots

Tripping over all the loose threads

Trying to tie them up

You were the one who said

Here is the answer to your prayers

Now jump through all of these hoops

And we will see how well you cope

And when you feel as though

The noose around your neck is tightening

And the alarm you feel

Is beyond frightening

Will you have the courage to take out the knife

Even if it means severing your heart

From flesh?

So if I bled

Then this is why

And if the pool of my blood

Then congealed

To show me that this was

The final chapter

Of a cosmic joke

Slowly loosening its grip

Will I walk or trip

Can I leave the tangled maze

Forgive the mistaken steps

Forge my self in the fires of release

Fall down then get up

Surrendering the broken threads

Finally free

Of this conundrum

21 thoughts on “Conundrum

    1. Did he Ivor? Wow that interests me. What he was saying is he didn’t have the language or skills to truly understand deep inside sorry this may be off the mark but when it comes to our neurological system so much goes down as it wires us energetically. Much love to you, dear dear sweet friend. ❤

      1. Cameron is a fantastic Doctor, but despite all his skilful and valiant efforts, the problems of why my strokes are occurring too often, remains a mystery, and dear Cameron hopes my present drug treatments are sufficient… Cameron was also Carole’s Neuro-doctor, he’s a very special man and knows my situation inside out…. xxxxx

      2. Yes he was the reason and helper that got on my trip to America, I wasn’t going go at one stage, but his confidence in my recovery to that stage was full of encouragement, and he basically told me to take the trip….xxxxxx

      3. See how powerful the influence of others is. I have been stopped from things that would have helped me so often especially after my head injury. It came up in therapy on Thursday. This shows he was full of love versus fear. Love it Ivor ❤

      4. Yes , we both had to be brave together, he knew it would be good for me, despite the medical dangers, but for my overall well being, between us we made a great decision …xx

      5. I’m so happy that my trip is an encouragement and maybe an incentive to go on your trip… I’ll be cheering for you all the way xxx and ((hugs))

      6. I love our chats, and I love you, I’m out having a coffee and cake ☕🍰 at the moment, but send you an email when I get back home 💙🌏😁💙

    1. Well I see it differently this one was god given and when I look to my astro transits as well as his I see it all. But sometimes it takes a long journey to see what is given to us and why? And then courage to surrender and let go. Much love to you. ❤

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