Values to live by : kindness

After ruminating on the power of destructiveness and anger and unkindness to destroy what feels good and nurturing to body, heart, mind, spirit and soul I wanted to post a post on kindness. I remember many years ago my Mum giving me a little book on kindness and I remember her acts of kindness to me when I was not well in the final years of her life when she was struggling with her own pain. How she went out of her way to bring some groceries over to me. Now I think back I see how much love my Mum tried to give me and I see the resentment I held also over her failures. I forgive everything now because I want to be kind to myself and I realise that there was so much I did not understand before she died. I wish I could change certain things now about how I reacted, but I cannot.

It doesn’t take that much to be kind. To give way in traffic, to let a slower person pass or not get upset when a person who is struggling to walk blocks our way. There is the smile we can give to or receive from another that might brighten our day and there is the kindness we can give to ourselves too, allowing ourselves to rest when we feel tired, take some time off if we don’t feel well, buy ourselves a bunch of flowers when we could do with some positive energy around us. But more than all of these things reaching out in love and realising that love, patience and understanding are the foundation stones of peace. That said there are things that happen to us that we do not have to like but never the less we can limit involvement with those things when necessary. We can choose to be kind and we can have an attitude of gratitude and even when tough things happen we can be kind both to ourselves and those who are enduring them. The last thing anyone needs is to be kicked when they are down.

A kind word breathes spirit into a person.

9 thoughts on “Values to live by : kindness

  1. Reblogged this on The Poets Peace and commented:
    Greeting fellow bloggers on this splendid Saturday morning.

    Today I would like to share this post from a lovely lady that cares of the overall well being of our body, mind, spirit and soul which is why she posted this post with the hope that its message does not get lost on its way into your hearts and minds.

  2. Mmmm, yes. The hardest is to be kind to myself – it was something I heard as a child, but didn’t actually see practiced, so felt hollow. It’s been a journey to explore how to be kind to myself, and how to not use it as a weapon against myself later on when I am not feeling very kind, ie: regretting resting the night before by calling it lazy, even though in the moment, I knew it was rest.

    1. I believe I am on that journey. Each day lately I wake up to how unkind I have been to myself its a bit of shock. Yes that old lazy judgement really bites me, as if we don’t need to rest it comes out of that insane Protestant work ethic.

      Really appreciate you reading, visiting and commenting.

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