Silent Savior

Such a powerful and impressive poem.. Just had to reblog.

Harley Unhinged

He flies through the skies

Finding lost souls

Using his wings to dry

The tears from their eyes

There’s no end

To the love he provides

Being everyone’s Silent Savior

Is the role in which he thrives

But sooner or later it takes it’s toll

Battered and brused

Wrung out and hung out

From saving souls

His wings turn to flames

Then to ashes before fading away

He’s only a man

At least that’s what they say

Though even when flightless

He has power flowing through his veins

One arm holds fire

He’s learned to mold himself

To become a universal desire

One arm holds ice

And frozen memories

That came with a price

Ever the magician

He hides cards up his sleeves

His ace of clubs

My ace of spades

My queen of hearts

Pierced by his poisoned darts

Zero gauged needles

To mask his pain

Nine lives left…

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