Web of light

Out here amidst the deep indigo silence

Punctured with glimpses of starlight

I find myself all alone

While never the less

Connected to every single soul

Alive or dead

That even mixed their tangled threads


With my own

Here where I am floating

Amidst the deeper void

I feel myself embraced

Within a web of celestial light

That filters

Refracted prisms of life’s wisdom

Into mirrors hidden

Within the deepest recesses

Of my soul

And even though it feels as if

I am floating here abandoned

I am never truly far from home

Because today

Deep within the silence

I felt so entirely

The healing presence of your love

Surrounding me

Like a web of magical thread

That wound its powerful energy

Around my own

Reminding me

That during every single moment

Of day and night

That I feel myself to be


That is only an illusion

For in the dark and in the light

When I surrender doubt and fear

I will once again

Find a way to overcome

This intense feeling

Of separation

As I sense

The enternal the comfort of your love

Drawing so very near

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