For the empath


Your heart knows what love is

And that is why you heart and body hurt

When love was absent


As you grew

Part of your soul always felt

So set apart

As though you had

Landed in a world of strangers

So if you learned to take your distance

And view it all from the sidelines

Remember there is nothing wrong with you

And if you find it hard to trust

It just might be that scars they left

So often block the way

Do not take refuge entirely in your head

Or deny your inner knowing

But understand that wisdom comes from recognising

That there is a good reason for the way you feel

And what you sense makes sense

Even if you were told by the powers that be

It was not that way

Everyone one has the right to their truth

Everyone has the right to their reality

And the pure of heart

Will listen to your heart

And read its hidden messages

Even if the way to love is blocked

By all those things scarred you so deeply

Or set you apart

Find a way to reunite

With the self that knows

Allow yourself to fully be

The self that feels

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