Loneliness was the comfortable blue shirt that you wore

Wrapping it tightly around you

Helping you to feel safe from harm

Lonelieness was the deep blue sea you dived into

After all the hurt made your body ache

For the soft drowning of water

Loneliness was the storm that blew up

When they left you alone

And the cracks in the windows

Could not hold out the rain

Loneliness oh so familiar

Was what most came to feel like home

Transforming itself

Over time

Into solitude

A cosy womb

That gave you a way

To find your way home

To your soul again

3 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. A wonderful, thought-provoking poem. While too much solitude can lead to isolating oneself too much, it is a haven to find out how you think and feel and a safe place that provides relief from a pressing world of people. Your poem, for the first time, showed me why it is so necessary in my life. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    1. I think that for most of my recent life I have been judged for ‘isolating’ when I was really trying to deal with my sensitive nature and come to terms with so much trauma. Its such a fine line of what feels lonely and what feels comforting about being alone, like connecting more deeply with nature and the unseen realms and trauma opens us to this dimension so why pathologise us for isolating? I feel there is an entire post in this. Thank you for sharing this and much love.

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