emerging dreams

Pass me by

For now I know

I feel more comfortable

To live alone

And all of the restless dreams you dreamed

Were not really ever about me

But never the less

My hidden grief and emptiness

Drew you to me

As it did before

To those who would rather

I learned to ignore

The truth that lived

Within my heart and soul

And so

If it was that I felt torn

Each and every time

You painted these rainbow coloured dreams

While asking me to forget

That things in black and white

Are more clearly defined

And it is not always healthy

To be amorphous

Don’t you see

I have my own dreams to dream

And my own colours to define

For in every life there comes a time

When must shut the door

And turn the key

On that which no longer brings

Fulfilment of these

Emerging dreams

The slowly waking dreamer


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