I hope for this

I hope for this

One day

Peace after suffering

Freedom from the ongoing pain

Of all of those things I can no longer change

Realisation through the wisdom

Of bearing with the tempering

Of life’s ongoing challenges and trials

Leading to a transformation within

That enables me to find acceptance

Of everything

And even if not gratitude for the loss

At least a way of making meaning of the cost

Allowing myself the spiritual fortitude

To burn it up

Within the fiery crucible

Of life’s ongoing claims

Humbly surrendering my soul to that

Which in killing a part of me

Sets another free

Allowing me to


And embrace it all

Letting my emerging self be

Capable of

Fully living, loving and trusting

The paradoxical mystery

Of life again

Like fire, grief has the power

to transform or destroy a person from within

– to cleanse, purify and instruct the inner being

or reduce it to ashes.

Tian Dayton

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