Let love grow

Let us let the love grow

Between both our souls

Help us to glimpse the work of God

Far beyond the limits

Of our encapsulated ego vision

How life has for us

A larger plan

Should we only becoming willing enough

To open to the pain of how


So often lead us to become

Entangled in knots

Diminishing our ability

To apprehend grace

Let us allow the flow of love

To be like the healing force of water

Which has the power to undo

Or dissolve things

Far beyond any other sense of effort

Or force of will

To renew

Grant us too,

The gift of softening our hearts

And opening our minds

And even if we cannot always understand

Please bestow upon us

The capacity to be kind

To others

Reaching deeper within our hearts and minds

For understanding



And tenderness

It seems to me that we often, almost sulkily.

reject the good that God offers us,

because at that moment, we expected some other good.

C.S. Lewis

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