If they told you

If they told you from the beginning

This is not the way to be

This is not the way to live

And in that telling you were the one

Who found themselves gagging

On the partially expressed truths

Of your deepest being

They forced back down

Inside your throat

Is it any wonder that now

You struggle to breathe

And feel so often as if you are choking

While trying to open

And express your life

While crippled by

The stranglehold of oppression

Following you around the room

Like a thousand critical eyes

Raining down judgement

From on high

If so

Then surely

There comes a time

To become deaf dumb and blind

To it all

And if you need to cut yourself off

There is a learning and a cost

But a gift too will be hidden

Carefully wrapped up

Inside the loss

That will offer you

Freedom and renewal

As you finally find a way

To close your

Ears and heart and mind

To all stupid lies

They told you

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