Close to the unseen

I will seek my comfort from the wild elements

By the cosiness of an open fire

I will feel the touch of love

In the wild tumult of the wind

Embraced by the rapture of nature

Golden afternoon sunlight on the stream

I will feel you draw close to me

Some say that this life is a prison

A place where deeper truths and realities

Remain obscured

And that our truest deepest roots

Lay hidden within the eternal

But only this I know

There is a peace here

Found in living close to the nature and the elements

A sense of my soul held safely in silence

That never appears

From worldly things

And much as I love the world of mortals

There is a nurture that my deepest soul

Can only find

When I feel that sense of coming so deeply alive

Here held quietly and oh so tenderly

Within the healing embrace

Of the unseen

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