Permission to be angry : the role of anger in healing

An important post on the role of anger in healing childhood trauma.

Emerging From The Dark Night

It is hardly possible to recognise and heal the hurts of our childhood without experiencing some form of anger.  Anger is the force of separation that will help us to say that things hurt, that what we experienced damaged us or was not enough.  It is the force which when expressed in an empowered (as opposed to a disempowered or passive aggressive way) will help us to differentiate our true feelings from those that were imposed upon us in childhood.  Our anger will help us to make a separation from the behaviours  of others that violate and abuse us.  Without experiencing the purpose of our anger we cannot connect to deeper feelings and set boundaries, we cannot grieve what was lost or absent and we cannot find freedom.

The expression of anger is problematic in our culture, however and learning to express anger from childhood cleanly and in such a way that it becomes a…

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