Fire reminds me of all that is most full of light

Of the heat that comes with love

And passion for a fully lived life

And as I watch fire flames

Lick the air

Throwing their flying sparks skyward

I remember how it felt for us

In our unbridled moments

Of carefree spontaneity

To taste the joy of love

For there is something in the heart aflame

That has the power

To cast the demons

Of fear and loneliness


If only for a while

And for a time

All those years ago

We tasted that grace

As the fire of light and love

Danced between us

These are the memories

I will hold close to me

The broken dreams

The hurt and screams

Well I will let them

Fall through space

And fade away

I was not the same person then

The fire had not yet burned me clean

So now if I feel myself

Comforted by the role I take

Of guardian to the flames

Maybe there will come a way

Some day

To taste the heat of fire

Between us

To partake once again

Of the passion joy and freedom

Of its mystical


And deep soul liberating


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