At dusk

At dusk

Your absence reminds me

How much I long for your presence

There is this only encroaching dark

As the day says goodbye

With apricot light

Tinging the edges of a grey blue horizon

And this is the time of day

My soul most aches

For the comfort of shared intimacies

And I long for just one night

To share a meal

And listen as each of us reveals

Closely guarded secrets

Is my hope all in vain

When you tell me just to trust

Will my heart be broken again

(These are just some fears I entertain)

But then in a moment of clarity

I remember

Everything will be okay

I have the strength to sustain

This lonely dusk

If I only find a way

To reach for comfort

And even though you are 12,000 miles away

It is at dusk

That your absence

Makes me miss

And long for your presence

The most

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