forgive me if I tarry

Forgive me if I tarry here

In this magical kingdom of spirits and fairies

seeking my healing and peace

from quietness

and deep connection

amidst the dogs and birds,

trees and nature

please understand how I suffered

from the unconscious actions of humans

and how that made it necessary

for me to seek refuge here

in a place of less emotional violence

and greater safety

recognise too please

the power of the ancient cultures

who could not break their links so easily

to the spirits of air and fire and mountain

who saw within them the animating force of God

and remember that many of us wish to return

to bind back again

to be free of the prison of heroic ego

that cuts and splinters and divides and conquers

seeking only power over

not deeper understanding,

wisdom and connection

with the hidden force of love

the deeper source

that gives birth to everything


and destructive

in this world

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