the limits of my power : a prayer

God please help me to understand and accept the limits of my power over certain aspects of life and over other people. Friendship and love that come to me are gifts and they are to be appreciated. I can keep my heart open in love even when others are hurting. I can wish the world and myself and other people well. I can have trust in the goodness of life. But I do not have control over other people or their actions or emotions. I can be an influence for good in my life and the lives of others when I stay open to nurturing the good and keep good boundaries. I don’t have to be naïve but I can live with an attitude of trust.

God please open my heart today. Help me to understand where fear limits me and where a misplaced sense of control can cause me problems or confusion. Sometimes others may try to make me responsible for feelings that are actually their own. Let me recognise this and also not make others responsible for what they are not. Help me to be a force for love in the world today and in my own life.

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