Somehow I got it wrong

When you thought

I was sad you did something to try and make me feel better

But the truth was I would have come good all on my own

Thanks for that.

Now I am the one who actively pursued and discredited you to ‘ruin your reputation’.

My friend you have over 20 times more likers than me.

So may be that is your victory.

The thing is I started to blog merely to express myself.

Not to impress anyone else

And I most certainly never meant to hurt you

But obviously I went about it the wrong way

Trying to sort out the mess in a blog

Getting your intentions wrong.

I tried to apologise and I cried and cried.

There is nothing now to do but let the entire thing go.

I need to laugh about it all and take myself less seriously.

I am human and I get it wrong

I am the first to say that I have wounds

And at times they confuse me about others intentions.

I do not always get it right

But never the less I do manage to sleep at night.

I stuff up and I can own it.

But in the end I need to let it all go

Because your reaction

Is way beyond me

And my ability to control it.

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