Goodbye to fear?

Sometimes its hard to know

What to believe

When I feel your soul calling to me

Across the seas

Saying how you ache to be with me

I know if your story is true

There is exhaustion


Hidden just under the surface of all you have been through

And if that is true then are we not just

Reflections of each other

Split of cells of the same atoms

That gave birth to stars?

But when my doubting mind steps in

And I seek the evidence for why

This may all be

A pile of lies

Then it seems my body cannot rest

From fear

And so out Jasper and I go

Into the glorious golden light

And here it is I sense another world

Laid out before me

As the words of Jesus come to me

The Kingdom of Heaven

Is within you and all around you

And I sense its majesty

In dappled autumn sunlight

Luminously shining in swathes of leaves

And then it is that I sense you

So far away

In that darker world

Where men are threatening everyone with terror

Is it the truth or just a lie

And how will I ever know

If I cannot find the inner strength

To say goodbye

To fear

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