Bullet proof vest


Well you gotta know by now

I’ve been hurt a million times before

That its almost too hard

To let myself be the one who is aching for

The touch of your hand

The kiss of your lips

The ecstasy of feeling

The arising of passion

Beneath your finger tips

Caressing soft skin

In the most sensitive place

That I could ever let you in

And you know my love

We haven’t even met

But there are times

Your soul has taken me so high

That I could no longer feel solid ground underneath my feet

And longed to fly

At others you took me down so low

I could not imagine

There was any deeper place to go

But now when things get so painful

And all my defences are up

Its only later I see with a shock

All the blows you took

When the bullets of love you sent

Ricocheted off of my bullet proof vest

And as they rebound

And fall to the ground

I finally see the damage I caused

Because sadly it just got all too to hard

For my soul to keep trusting

In the love you promised me

Any more

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