Remind me

Remind me when the shadows start to grow

As memories of a tortured past

Come calling

That I am alive here and now

In a present

Shining with light and opportunity

I know how impossible it is to forget

When triggers come

Recalling to mind

The full horror of all of it

The pain of the ones who turned a deaf ear

To the longing and pain and deepest truth

Of your struggling heart

The ones you treated you as though

You were an aberration

But please do not let them

Erase your spirit

Remember when you forget

How precious you are

That no one person’s opinion

Can ever be the final word

For who actually knows the truth of things?

I know for one

How wide open your heart is

How much you struggle to be real

But in a world the venerates pretence

How easy it is

To reject what people feel

Only judging in ignorance

But how will it help you

To become full of bitterness

If you can only

Cleave to innocence

Cleave to goodness

Cleave to love

You will find you are

One of the brightest stars that shines

And beauty peace and wisdom reside

When you trust the power of your heart

Rather than the confusion of your own

Or other’s distorted mind

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