Into chaos

Life has caught me up

And tumbled me round

Like someone with their shoe lace

Caught on the tread of a ferris wheel

Round and round I go

Either high or low

Seeing the view from differing angles

Every time

Fearing for my life

Never really knowing

Which turn of the wheel

Will land me right side up

And then at other times

Everything inside me

Collapses in upon itself

Like an exploding star

Sending out light beams of dream wonder

Along a pathway of chaos

Reminding me

That what gave birth to me

Has hidden roots so deep

Their source appears

Impossible to negotiate

At times I feel I am entirely lost

Was it that I just counted the cost of things

For far too long

And ransomed present time

Nothing ever seems to stay the same

And if life is a game

Lately it feels like I am the loser

All this loss and confusion

No supports anywhere

I run and run on the gerbil wheel

Getting nowhere

Only watching

The same view appear round and round

From differing angles

As the spiral ferris wheel spins me

Deeper and deeper

Into chaos

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