Why did I stay

When you tried to convince me

There was something wrong with me

For feeling as I did

And why did I abandon myself then

Just to belong

I look back now and feel that I was often weak

Frightened to be strong

And fight for what I felt to be true

Because in the wings another voice

Of negation was always lingering there

Trying its very hardest

To bring everything undone

And so I buckled under

And I failed to read the signs

So often at the right time

Though a kick in the gut

So often reminded me I was

In danger

Yesterday an expert on gaslighting said

If someone tries to undermine your intuition

Run a mile

For you are the one who knows

The byways of your own heart and mind

And there are powers of evil

That may not want you to be

Fully alive

That seek to turn you inside out

So that you lose the way

To your inner truth

But please do not allow yourself

To be lead astray

For this is your heart and soul

That is on the line

And there is a heavy heavy price to pay

When you abandon

Or betray yourself

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