Handling transiting Mars square natal Pluto

If you were born in the very early 1960s like me you may have Mars square both Chiron and Pluto over the next ten days or so. This post is primarily for myself and the information is taken from articles referenced.

The thing is we all want to feel that we have control over our lives and over the situations that affect us, but the unfortunate reality is that we often don’t. Transits such as Mars square Pluto are here to remind us of that. This feeling of powerlessness we experience can lead to deep fear and from a place of fear we often lash out, harming ourselves and others.

Somebody wise once said that ‘pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional’ and in the same way feelings of powerless are also unavoidable, but it is up to us how we choose to deal with these feelings. Struggling is but one of the options available to us during Mars square Pluto. Surrender is another. Which do you think is likely to have the more positive outcome?

Adjustment is another way we can deal with Mars square Pluto, for in reality we have a deadlock here. Something has to give. We can choose to release the tension in a positive way by consciously choosing where sacrifices are going to be made, or we can stand steadfast until the tension inevitably breaks us in ways we would least prefer, perhaps in angry outbursts towards our loved ones or compromised decisions we will later regret.

Mars square Pluto is associated with power struggles so along with the inner conflict it may be wise to anticipate possible outer confrontations. Remain conscious and remember that Mars is a fast mover and will be out of aspect of Pluto after a week or so.


Mars Pluto energy, to me, feels like an acupuncture treatment on crack. The energy is moving moving moving through your body, albeit not harmoniously. Sometimes I wonder how people with hard natal Mars Pluto aspects survive their bodies, but I guess they are used to it, the same way I am used to my intense Moon Pluto emotional life. The turning point for me was when I realized that this transit was making physical, literally, all these intense emotions; all my pent-up Virgo shit was now, seemingly, my body and not just my mind. I went for many, MANY, 70-block walks over a week’s time and collapsed from exhaustion (i.e. stayed in bed all day) as the transit was separating.

Random tips: if you feel your temper rise, leave the situation, if possible. Don’t watch too much Dexter. Overfeed the cats so they won’t wake you up in the middle of the night. Talk to a friend if you feel all edgy and twisty. Try not to take your mood out on your lover, stay mindful. Look both ways before crossing the street. I am not currently a smoker, but I smoked 4 Marlboro reds in a row the worst day of my transit and it helped. I DO NOT advocate smoking or other lousy habits, but I do advocate figuring out what works in the short term. Sometimes subtle adjustments are all that’s needed.


You could get into a really competitive space with a potential sweetie at this time — and they might not be so sweet, or at least they won’t seem to be. This transit will present power struggles galore, and it will be up to you to figure out how to deal with them. The truth is, your impulse almost every time will be to argue, manipulate, struggle and resist — whatever it takes to push off this threatening influence.

Except you might imagine that someone’s challenging you, when they really aren’t doing that at all. Whether it’s you or them, the feeling will be the same. You’ll struggle and it won’t be any fun. If someone you’ve been interested in turns out not to be the nicest person in the world, you might get a strong vindictive urge to do something to get back at them — but if that happens, don’t do it. Just let them go, as hard as it is, and keep going along your own path. Revenge and vindictiveness are never a good idea. In fact, the best idea during this difficult transit might be to divert all your strong energy into something at home or work — gardening, maybe, or getting that big report or other project done at the office.

Whatever it takes, get that energy out! If you make it an activity that only you can do, and do well, you’ll feel better about yourself and your life in general.


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