Shift of focus

When I am tempted to dwell on all the things gone wrong

Can I look instead to the simple pleasures in any day

Can I be grateful for all the lessons learned

And wisdom gained

No matter how much pain

Can I live in this present moment

With gratitude for the sunset or sunrise

Can I find a way to touch base with peace deep down inside

Can I be grateful that I am still alive

Can I kneel and kiss the ground

Accepting it all with grace and humility

Part of life’s emergent process

And mixed up tapestry

For perhaps we are all caterpillars

Who had to die

In order to give birth

To our soul’s emerging butterfly

8 thoughts on “Shift of focus

  1. So powerful yet graceful, and those things, being grateful and living in the present moment, are so hard to accept let alone do, and you’ve covered it perfectly. Absolutely love this piece xx

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