There will come a day

When you know why things had to be this way in life

The reason for all of the trouble and strife

And on that day tears will be falling down your cheeks

As the final strictures around your heart burst wide open

And you remember how to breathe


You will find yourself in a field of flowers

With the sun shining

And the dark past will lay behind you

In the form of memories

And of every single step or crawl or fall

You experienced along the way

Your heart will be full of deep sorrow and forgiveness then

For ones who hurt you

And for yourself

And you will see

It all was as it was meant to be

And realise the Big Book did not lie

As you finally say goodbye to the pain

And tears fall down

Like healing rain

You will no longer need to turn your back on the past

Or close the door on it

For you will know that each and every heartbreak

Was part of the necessary birthing of a soul

Who came to learn and teach so much

To bring hope to a weary world

For it is only through embracing the darkness

And opening our soul to it completely

We can ever find the healing light

Of forgiveness

Which is acceptance

Which is healing

Which is love

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