Choose life

You have to laugh

Often, at the absurdity of life

So as not to keep crying

Drowning in pools of tears

Over things that happened to you

That were so far beyond your control


You are going to ransom life

If you cannot find a way to bear the pain

And then step around it

To embrace the irony

You will never be free

Of weights of lead

That you never placed upon you

But continue to do nothing whatsoever

About removing

This is not to say that often

The depths of what happens is not heartbreaking

But in the end

If you wish to live

Its up to you to choose life

And laughter

Not a living death

Of unending unrepentant

Unbearable sorrow

6 thoughts on “Choose life

    1. Maybe its more a case of timing. Grief is a deep process and we dont always have control over how long it holds us in its grasp…one day we just feel a brightening but im conscious too in my case its different on different days…Soul wrenching grief is so intense. Sending you love πŸ’–

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