I Have Come To Believe

A tender beautiful and very special poem.

Wayward Armie

In this sleep,
swept away in a dream
I think of stars and space,
galaxies and grace
traveling through me
are the heavens + dust
a Holy Spirit is a hand
on the gavel of justice
speaking the words so sincere
like it’s just us.
From novas to supernovas
and into the stratosphere
I take a breath and
release all my fear,
you held me gently
in the palm of your hand
I held on tightly and let go once
just to understand
that justice isn’t
just fair being fairness
but the matters of
self + awareness.
Oh and how in this dream
I can trade the
practical for the magical
wondering when I wake
if there will be any magic at all,
but this dream is dreamed
in sleep and in wake
for there will always be
stars and space,
galaxies and grace
for I am made of

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7 thoughts on “I Have Come To Believe

  1. I am honored and deeply appreciative that you reposted this poem, it means so much to me and I am glad it resonates with you as well. I’m beyond ecstatic to come across your writing, you are a beautiful writer. I look forward to reading so much more of your words!

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