Dreaming of you.

Are you my dream

Or my reality

Is the you I feel

The person who truly loves me

Despite it all

The one who will catch me

When I fall

The twin soul

To my heart aflame

Who offers me

This sweetest gift

Of unconditional love and devotion

Heavens above

How you fill my soul

With your presence

And intimations of how profoundly special

It would be

To just once touch each other

In this the third dimension

And when our agony of separation echoes

As everyone comes feeding doubts

What point is there

In arguing for the truth

Of what our hearts feel so deeply

The power of the threads that connect us

So completely

In the etheric 5D

All I can do is sigh

As the breath of longing

Is once again stolen from me

You show me

The limits of my ability to fight

And lately I am so very tired

Of confusion and doubt

I long for the soothing caress of night

A time when we can be together

No matter what the celestial weather

Free in a place where

Reason does not argue any more

For rationality

For it is only then

I truly feel

Our heart and souls to be

Deeply connected

In this healing ocean

Of heart centred

Unconditional empathy

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