Indigo night

Indigo night

Wrap your blanket of calming starlight

Around my heart

For my soul is so weary of daylight

Oh how I long to sink

Into the silky depths

Of your ocean

Cosily buried under the blankets

Shedding my skin

Of remembering

Entering naked

Into King Neptune’s kingdom

Where I swim

Among sea creatures

Diving deep for buried treasure

Of the soul I lost

When dawn rose upon a youth

Unprepared for life

Burdened by a heavy yolk of insecurity

Struggling to hide

Innocence, insight and purity

So out of step

And hungering

Within this hollow world of men

11 thoughts on “Indigo night

      1. It is!! You never know what will resonate with someone. Poetry is very personal. To me it is. But once you share it, it takes on new life. New meaning. I’m glad you posted too!! Big hugs!! ❤️

  1. The address of your website was revealed to me in a dream
    it was written on a blanket !!! My sister holding it in front of me
    we searched it and found this website, with this poem written in it
    a clear message for both of us…
    I’m also passing the dark night of the soul

    1. Wow i love that thank you so much. So many of us are..this gives me heart. Bless you and your sister. At the depth of my dark night a Goddess came to me and ssid “you will emerge from the dark night victorious” its why I named my blog this. ⚘❤

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