7 Ways to Strengthen Your Innate Intuition

Listening to internal guidance is something we are often sadly conditioned out of. This is a wonderful post.

Story of a Journey

We are blessed with guidance and it is within our power to find ways to both express and listen to this wisdom. The choice is ours. — Susan Barbara Apollon

If we are brave enough to let go of our plans and surrender to life, we allow the deepest part of our being to lead the way through a very powerful internal compass, our intuition 🙂 Have you ever experienced it? An image or a thought that suddenly comes to you, without any analysis or rationalization. A simple knowing.

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5 thoughts on “7 Ways to Strengthen Your Innate Intuition

  1. It’s too bad that our intuition can be interfered with by our own biases, beliefs, and prior experience. Due to this, placing too much faith in our intuition can also be dangerous. Sometimes we think our intuition is telling us a certain thing, but it’s actually just our own wants/needs/beliefs/biases.

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