The way back home

Show me the way back home

At times like this I feel so lost and confused

By the energy of others

I search for myself within the noise of their voices

Telling me who I am and what to do

And I get lost with a homelessness beyond description

That begins to yawn before me

Becoming a profound abyss

Of nothingness

Eclipsing me

And then my soul nearly drowns

In a underground ocean

Where I am dissolved

It is only when I return home

To this quiet and cool

I find my centre again

In the midst all of the confusion

All that is unseen

And all I make up with my mind

Oh God please help me

Lead me back to my centre

Drown out the other noise

Help me to find

The way back home

To a quiet calm silence

Where inner truth is known

7 thoughts on “The way back home

  1. Sometimes, we have to turn others off so we can hear who we truly are. I am sure this resonates with many of us. Well-said!

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