I`ll be okay

I will be okay

This wounded heart will heal

And I am grateful that I can feel it all

And no longer need to deny the pain

For this is living

It involves opening my heart again

To love and trust

And to sometimes see all hopes and dreams

Evaporate or turn to dust

The important thing is

That I showed up for it

That I learned over time

To stop hovering in the shadows

But what I have not always done

Is not wait for life to come to me

I see the passivity I have lived at times

And how fear made it seem

Easier to abandon my dreams

I see that I have been not up to life

A lot of the time

And at times I feel ashamed

For not achieving more

Than I feel I really was capable of

I don’t want to deny it any more

I did my best at the time

But maybe it could have been

A whole lot better

Never the less I will embrace this day

And do my very best

Not to turn away

From life and love again

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