Honestly it was true

Everything I said to you

And all the ways I tried

And now you say you are honest too

And would never ever lie

But voices outside say it is all untrue

So who is being truly honest

And what is it

Deep inside this soul

That is most true

I longed for a man like you

But maybe that was something you knew

And preyed upon

Then when it proved to be you may not be real

I came to feel it was better

Not to long for this any more

And to know I could have a kind of happiness alone

And yes at times sun breaks through the grey

Chasing rain clouds away

At times I can rise and dance and smile

While at others all is weighted down with lead

And all I seem to be able to do is cry

And yet here I am

Actually finally honestly

Grateful for it all

For isn’t this just only life

And isn’t all truth relative

Even though so many fantasies

But not all hopes lie?

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