When the scam is done

When the scam is done

A river of tears falls

Sad as it is

I am not totally broken

And it feels better to know the reality

When my body tried to tell me all along

It didn’t ring true

All the while I was pulled along by fantasy

But still I am alive

And its not the very worst thing

That could happen to me

I am grateful for my life

I opened my heart again

And even though I got burned

It wasn’t for nothing

The love I had to give was for real

But you were not

And it was only loneliness and longing

That made me vulnerable

And those two feelings are not a sin

9 thoughts on “When the scam is done

      1. Yes all im doing right niw is crying how can someone continue to play with your emotions hes got more than enough money by now says it will all be sent back soon. Ill just have to wait and see this has been going in for 6 months now!

      2. It has been that long? Oh my God. Time just passes. I don’t know how you are holding up.
        Try to write more and find ways to distract your mind. So sorry that a beautiful soul like you has to go through all of this.

      3. Ill be okay it comes in waves naybe its just because i care too much he has played on my kindness he really has. Thanks so much for your care and support. Ill switch off from it all now i cant change it ive got to accept it somehow

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