Insight into emotional abandonment/unavailability

I thought this deserves a reblog because emotional invalidation is something I try to raise awareness of in my blog as it leads to so much emotional turmoil and mental illness. This one is pretty recent but its for new followers.

Emerging From The Dark Night

As we heal we begin to learn who we can and cannot go to with our feelings and pain.  I wish I had known about emotional unavailability years ago.  It would have saved me a lot of heart ache but that said, not having parents who were there for me emotionally its natural that I would be more familiar with those who didn’t validate me than with those who did. And also I have learned in past years that part of growing to psychological maturity is learning to not always expect others to be there emotionally for us. 

That said when we come to choose partners and friends we need to know what we need in terms of emotional availability.  Some people just do not have that degree of emotional insight and we don’t suffer as much when we learn not to expect the unexpectable from loved ones who are…

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