The Light That Comes From Me – A Poem

A beautiful poem.

Jamieson Wolf

I am broken and mended,light

a crystal that has been shattered

but has fused itself back together

so that it can shine.

I am broken and cracked,

a piece of glass that has experienced trauma,

but persevered because of it,

the light shining through the cracks.

I am broken but filled with light,

a chalice that has been crushed

so many times but each time,

I have gathered the pieces of me

and put myself back together.

Though I am whole again,

there are cracks in my body;

I carry them within my skin,

they look like spider’s webs

and I like to follow them

to see where they might lead me.

These cracks have let the light in.

I never truly started to live

until life was taken away from me.

From the moment that it happened,

I have been trying to prove

that I was not broken


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