Holding my own hand in the loneliness

A recent like on this post prompts me to reblog. Getting to know ourselves deeply is a work in progress for many of us.

Emerging From The Dark Night

I am glad I posted my recent post on loneliness.  What I noticed was how when I wrote it my lonelienss went away I wasnt sitting in the middle of it engaging in thoughts or stories I could run over and over as to why recently certain people havent called.  Truely its becuse they have lost loved ones too and often dont want to go near that pain and speaking to me may awaken it.  I forget too the times this week that a friend reached out to share her own struggles within her marriage.  I was not at all upset when this friend did not call on my birthday a few weeks ago as I trust our connection enough to know that when we relate it is strong and true and she lets me be real.  My experience with other friendships at times has sadly been that I have…

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