S is for Suicide

A wonderful post on how it really feels to feel suicidal.

May you live every day of your life.

To get to a place where you feel like you have no option but to take your own life is a place I wouldn’t wish for anyone to visit. But on January 11th 2018, this is exactly the place I went to.

I am going to assume that many would have read the title of this post and automatically carried on scrolling, maybe saying to themselves, “that’s a bit dark isn’t it? Why would you talk about suicide?” But my question to those would be, why is talking about suicide so taboo?

Suicidal thoughts and attempts are something that many others including myself have struggled with. But surely this doesn’t apply to men right? Men are tough. Men don’t cry or show emotion. They’re the ones that protect everyone else. Men don’t need to ask for help. They’re always fine.


Suicide is the most common cause of death for men…

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4 thoughts on “S is for Suicide

  1. I sadly relate to this is so many ways, as suicide has become a regular thought within my mind since I was young. Though I have found ways to cope and steer away from the temptation… And I’m glad I’ve done so.

      1. Definitely embodies the courageous art of survival of life for souls such as ours. Much love and hugs to you as well 🤗💖

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