A field of flowers

In a field of flowers

You danced

And soon the dance

Became ecstatic trance

As you began to enter another world

One that unfurled

The vast multi coloured rainbow hues

Of sights sounds and feelings

And greater celestial views

And inside the dance

You feel your spirit soar

To view places you had known before

But from another vantage point

Before they were the curse you carried

But now they have become the complexities

That you tarried with

Over years and years

You finally found a way

To embrace all of your fears

While crying all the tears

Not only for what was lost

But for what could never come to be

And now it is

That inside this dance

You find

Your Self

No longer as lost or lonely

As before

Ang again you feel your spirit

Rise and soar

Breaking free

Of everything

That eclipsed it before

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